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Current, low voltage electric appliance marking operation is mainly through the ink pad printing skills, detailed contains the fuse, air switch, leakage protector and other low voltage apparatus type standard and the commodity name are identified.
"Poison vaccine" pushed the food and drug safety again to a new height... However the poison vaccine, fake milk powder, cooking oil, Sudan red, fake cigarettes, alcohol and... And so on a series of food safety is about the daily life of every one of us.
Hot Product
  • Uv laser marking machine
  • Model:Uv laser marking machine LBUV-300
  • Uv laser marking machine for laser marking machine series products,With small UV focus spot and heat affected zone, UV laser marking machine has high absorption to 355nm UV-light, which is suitable for many materials.
  • Optical fiber laser marking machine(LBGX-300)
  • Model:Optical fiber laser marking machine(LBGX-300)
  • The machine adopts the most advanced international optical fiber laser marking machine,rare-earth doped fiber as working fluid, diode coupled to the optical fiber for pumps,pump modulation caused by working substance the level of the particle beam reversal,thus forming high beam quality of the laser output.
  • Lidar how to make driverless cars see the world?
  • A few years ago, laser radar is also only used in military applications, but now this technology has gradually penetrated into the consumer market. Market robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned vehicles already
Wuhan Label Laser Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech corporation, which has been specialized in researching and manufacturing industrial laser marking equipments, laser processing equipments and supplying marking solutions for customers since founded in 2000,located in China Optics Valley in Wuhan City. With over 18-years development,Label Laser has accumulated a large number of successful cases and well-known customers in area of machinery,automotive,petroleum,petrochemical,aviation,electronic tools, instrumentation,etc.


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